Baby “Tuckling’s” Shower

    June 19, 2013 by Sadie

    This weekend I attended a close friend of mines baby shower. This is Bethan’s first baby and friends, family and my self are very excited meet baby “Tuckling” very soon!

    On sunday afternoon I popped along to Bethan’s mums house to be greeted with lots of goodies! including Tea, cakes and yummy brownies all home made by sister Cherith and mum. The room was decorated beautifully with bunting and hand decorated jars filled with fresh flowers. I went prepared with my camera in my bag waiting to snap away! This is my favourite type of thing to capture.. I love anything hand made and there was so much thought put into everything.






    Throughout the afternoon we played games, nattered ALOT! and drank lots of tea, it was lovely.. I think when creating things for a special occasion the small things matter, and these things are a photographers dream. Walking around finding trinkets and things that can be reused and to remind Bethan of the shower.


    I love that Bethan’s mum found old teacup set in the loft and used for tea and to fill with little pink chocolates! also the lush 70’s vintage coffee pot that Cherith had found in a charity shop.




    opening the presents was the most fun of course there was lots of “awwwwww’s” but the creativity of the presents was great to see. It carried on the home made theme of the whole afternoon. I made a crochet and knitted blanket with a friend and also added some hand made booties, hat and hanging hearts for the nursery.






    I loved being part of this lovely day and was able to capture some shots for the Tucks to look back on. If any one is expecting and looking for ideas on baby showers these three did it so well! hope my post shows all the best bits! Lastly I look forward to meeting Baby “Tuckling” as named at the shower 🙂