1. Mr & Mrs Hibberd

    August 17, 2015 by Sadie

    One of my favourite things about being a photographer is being able to capture priceless moments of my best friends. My beautiful friend Naomi had invited my husband and I to her and Fiance Paul’s wedding. She has always said that she wouldn’t want me to photograph her wedding so that I could be a guest and enjoy the day.

    With this in mind I was touched , however the best part of a wedding day is the bride getting ready! Naomi meaning so much to me I wanted to be part of this special moment and asked if I could do this for her as a gift.

    Throughout the morning I was able to witness all the emotions of a bridal prep shoot. There were tears, giggles and lots of peaceful moments.

    I want to share a few of the shots from that morning and for Naomi to know how much I loved watching her prepare for her big day. More can be seen in the wedding gallery.

    So heres to Nay, My amazing friend, regardless of distance you are amazing x





  2. Nici’s Homemade Treats

    July 29, 2013 by Sadie

    I had a candle party a few weekends ago and a friend of mine was kind enough to bring along a selection of her amazing cup cakes for people to try. Nicola has recently started a small business making sweet treats and I couldn’t wait to try them out. After tasting these gorgeous cakes I just had to share some images for everyone to see! They tasted lovely we had vanilla, chocolate and then some fancy Twix cupcakes, Not only did they taste great but luckily for me looked gorgeous as well, each one was decorated perfectly to the last touch which was edible glitter!

    If you have a sweet tooth you are going to love “Nici’s Homemade Treats”! I know that she already supplies to a couple of cafe’s in the centre of bristol! So if you have a birthday, wedding or any type of celebration ( or who needs a celebration! ) take a few minutes to have a look at her page and make an order you wont regret it!








  3. Baby Ted

    June 26, 2013 by Sadie

    I had the pleasure of meeting my cousin Ryan and his lovely wife Jenna’s new baby boy Ted a couple of weeks ago on a trip to London. I really wanted to share these lovely shots I took while we were on a walk on the waterfront. I think it works really well to photograph in natural surroundings with soft lighting especially when photographing newborns.
    I had the chance to use my new fixed 50mm lens on this little shoot, I LOVE it! it allows me to get super close creating lovely images with shallow depth of field. When photographing babies I like to get the detailed shots of things like hands and feet both things that grow so quickly it is nice to have a record of how small they actually were. Ted liked moving his about a lot giving me lots of options!






  4. Baby “Tuckling’s” Shower

    June 19, 2013 by Sadie

    This weekend I attended a close friend of mines baby shower. This is Bethan’s first baby and friends, family and my self are very excited meet baby “Tuckling” very soon!

    On sunday afternoon I popped along to Bethan’s mums house to be greeted with lots of goodies! including Tea, cakes and yummy brownies all home made by sister Cherith and mum. The room was decorated beautifully with bunting and hand decorated jars filled with fresh flowers. I went prepared with my camera in my bag waiting to snap away! This is my favourite type of thing to capture.. I love anything hand made and there was so much thought put into everything.






    Throughout the afternoon we played games, nattered ALOT! and drank lots of tea, it was lovely.. I think when creating things for a special occasion the small things matter, and these things are a photographers dream. Walking around finding trinkets and things that can be reused and to remind Bethan of the shower.


    I love that Bethan’s mum found old teacup set in the loft and used for tea and to fill with little pink chocolates! also the lush 70’s vintage coffee pot that Cherith had found in a charity shop.




    opening the presents was the most fun of course there was lots of “awwwwww’s” but the creativity of the presents was great to see. It carried on the home made theme of the whole afternoon. I made a crochet and knitted blanket with a friend and also added some hand made booties, hat and hanging hearts for the nursery.






    I loved being part of this lovely day and was able to capture some shots for the Tucks to look back on. If any one is expecting and looking for ideas on baby showers these three did it so well! hope my post shows all the best bits! Lastly I look forward to meeting Baby “Tuckling” as named at the shower 🙂